Joel Demski, Ph.D.

Joel Demski, Ph.D.

Professor of Accounting

Fisher School of Accounting-Warrington College of Business

2000 Awardee

Emphasizing the potential of accounting measures to provide subtle yet important insights into broader economic activity, Joel Demski’s work is internationally recognized for its influence in accounting theory and practice. In one of his current studies on accounting as a multimodal information source, Demski works with colleagues to better understand the interplay among accounting reports, audits and management reports. Results from this project have revealed a more efficient method for mixing accounting and non-accounting information in assessing a firm’s value and management’s performance.

Demski is co-authoring an accounting theory monograph that stresses such uses of accounting and provides a more unified view of accounting across public, private and not-for-profit institutions.

In another project, Demski and colleagues are studying the effects of static vs. dynamic business contracts on a firm’s ability to disclose accurate information. The results of this research run counter to the position currently held by the Securities and Exchange Commission and could eventually be used to re-evaluate the regulatory perspective used in today’s financial markets.

Yet another area of interest for Demski is the auditor/client relationship. Demski and two UF associates are studying how an incumbency bias may result from a client’s familiarity with an auditor, and how contracting arrangements can best deal with the resultant tensions.

Demski’s research has led to an impressive publishing record which includes seven authored or co-authored books as well as numerous articles and papers. Demski’s dedication has resulted in many awards and appointments throughout his career. Since joining the UF faculty in 1994, he has received an honorary doctorate from Odense University. He also has been appointed the Director of Research for the American Accounting Association, the leading academic accounting organization in the world, and will serve as its president during the 2001-2002 academic year. Notably, Demski recently became the first theorist ever appointed to the advisory board for the national Financial Accounting Standards Board.

Demski’s expertise in accounting research has been appreciated by UF accounting graduate students as well. One student explains, “The greatest lesson I learned from him about accounting research is that blindly trying to test a conjecture without a theoretical basis for your belief is merely an indoor sport and provides no real insight.”