Mohan K. Raizada, Ph.D.

Mohan K. Raizada, Ph.D.

Professor of Physiology and Anesthesiology

College of Medicine

1998 Awardee

Mohan Raizada, has become well-known for his research in the cellular, molecular and genetic aspects of hypertension.

Raizada, who joined the faculty in 1981, is leading research to study the cellular and molecular mechanisms of catecholamines and angiotensin, naturally occurring hormones that play roles in regulating high blood pressure. His studies have been instrumental in better understanding how these hormones interact with each other in the brain to control blood pressure.

He recently has shown that gene therapy in newborn rats can prevent high blood pressure and its damaging effects to the heart and kidneys. Raizada currently is studying whether high blood pressure and organ damage can be reversed in adult laboratory animals. “Dr. Raizada has established himself as one of the authorities on signal transduction in neurons and glial cells,” says physiology department Chair M. Ian Phillips. “He has recently developed compelling new studies on the application of retrovirus delivery of antisense to angiotensin II receptors to control hypertension in rats.”