Ian Flood, Ph.D.

Ian Flood, Ph.D.

Holland Professor of Building Construction at the Rinker School

College of Design, Construction & Planning

2013 Awardee

Ian Flood’s research agenda is broadly focused on developing new, more effective methods of simulation and modeling of dynamic engineered systems and construction/fabrication processes.

Flood has developed and refined a new method, FORESIGHT, for project planning, that is applicable to all types of construction projects. FORESIGHT replaces the need for using a range of tools, such as CPM, linear scheduling, and simulation. He has received two best paper awards for this work.

He has developed a new method for rapid simulation of the propagation of a blast wave within a geometrically complex built environment. The simulation time for a given scenario is reduced from days to seconds, and thus facilitates selection of more optimal designs for buildings and protective structures.

Flood has also developed a new approach for neural network modeling of very complex engineering problems that are functionally many times more complicated than can be handled using existing empirical techniques.

He is the most cited author in the American Society of Civil Engineer’s Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering. Flood is currently the chair of the Executive Committee of the Technical Council on Computing and Information Technology, a committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and he is a Specialty Editor for two journals.