Hui Zou, Ph.D.

Professor of architecture 

College of Design, Construction & Planning 

2020 Awardee

Hui Zou, professor of architecture in UF’s College of Design, Construction and Planning, studies how architecture around the world has changed over time. He specializes in garden history, theory and philosophy, comparative cultural studies and East Asian aesthetics. 

“My architectural history research applies to my careerlong developed interdisciplinary methodology of architectural design, hermeneutic historiography, critical philosophy and comparative cultural study for creation of ethical and poetical architecture,” Zou said. 

Zou earned his Ph.D. in architectural history and theory from McGill University in Canada and arrived at UF in 2003. Zou, who has published in Chinese, German and English, is the author of two books on comparative architecture and published a Chinese translation of Built upon Love: Architectural Longing after Ethics and Aesthetics, a key book on architectural history and theory, in 2018. In 2019, he also organized a series of workshops on the book in China for local scholars and architects. 

Zou is currently supervising five Ph.D. students studying a variety of architectural disciplines, including fantasy, urban, fictional and rustic architecture. Since 2015, he has won travel grants from UF, Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania. 

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