Daniel D. Lewis, D.V.M

Daniel D. Lewis, D.V.M

Professor of Small Animal Clinical Sciences

College of Veterinary Medicine

2016 Awardee

Daniel Lewis a board-certified veterinary surgeon and an academic clinical scientist who is involved in both experimental laboratory and clinical research.

Lewis is interested in small animal orthopedic traumatology, fracture management and reconstructive surgery with a focus on using circular and hybrid external skeletal fixation to manage fractures, correct deformities and assist with limb salvage procedures.

Lewis was one of the initial North American surgeons to utilize circular external skeletal fixation in small animal orthopedics. Circular fixators are highly adjustable and can be gradually elongated during the post-surgery recovery period.

“These constructs are particularly well suited to perform limb deformity corrections and limb salvage procedures and have allowed surgeons to perform procedures that were previously unthinkable,” Lewis said.

After becoming experienced in circular external skeletal fixation in dogs and cats, Lewis became involved in the commercial development of new components for both circular and hybrid linear-circular external skeletal fixation systems.

“Our group has made a number of contributions regarding the biomechanics of both circular and hybrid external skeletal fixation,” he said. “These studies have allowed surgeons to implement better application practices as well as guide the refinement and design of components and instrumentation.”

Lewis’ work in non-clinical research is primarily conducted at the Comparative Orthopedics Biomechanics Laboratory – a collaborative unit with faculty and resources from the College of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine.

“This laboratory has been incredibly fruitful in advancing the scholarly efforts of the University of Florida,” Lewis said. “Our veterinary students, graduate students and residents have particularly benefited from this collaboration.”

Lewis is the former president of the Veterinary Orthopedic Society, and he has served as chair of the Annual International Canine Sports Medicine Symposium since 2002. Lewis received the World Small Animal Veterinary Association-Hills’ Pet Mobility Award in 2012.