Sanjay Ranka, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Computer & Information
Science & Engineering

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

2023 Awardee

During his career, Sanjay Ranka’s research in the fields of parallel and distributed computing and data science has identified important problems, developed a theoretical framework to solve them, and had a practical impact on applications from a variety of disciplines. His research has impacted real-world applications, including healthcare, transportation and energy.

For example, Ranka has developed algorithms and software to fuse feeds from video cameras and traffic sensor data to track vehicles and pedestrians that can be used to create citywide traffic maps in real time.

He is also studying ways to track falls and other injuries and illnesses among older Americans. His group has developed a wristwatch-based application for continuous, long-term monitoring of such incidents, which is funded by the National Institute of Aging.

During the past five years, Ranka has been involved as a PI or Co-PI in nearly $17 million in funded research from agencies including NIH, NSF and the Department of Transportation. He has co-authored several books and over 325 articles in top journals and proceedings. He has also mentored more than a dozen graduate students and currently supervises seven doctoral students.

“Sanjay has made several fundamental, innovative and lasting contributions to parallel and distributed computing and data science in the world,” said CISE Chair Juan Gilbert. “He has an exceptionally strong record of publishing in the most visible and competitive venues and developing graduate students for successful careers in academia and industry.”