Elizabeth Rowe, J.D.

Elizabeth Rowe, J.D. Professor of Law Levin College of Law 2012 Awardee Elizabeth Rowe’s research explores the suitability of existing intellectual property...
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Douglas Soltis, Ph.D.

Douglas Soltis, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Biology College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2012 Awardee Douglas Soltis studies plant evolution using DNA...
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Gregory Stewart, Ph.D.

Gregory Stewart, Ph.D. Professor of Physics College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2012 Awardee Gregory Stewart works in the field of condensed...
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I. David Weiner, Ph.D.

I. David Weiner, Ph.D. Professor of Medicine and Physiology and Functional Genomics College of Medicine 2012 Awardee David Weiner’s current research involves...
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Keith Willmott, Ph.D.

Keith Willmott, Ph.D. Associate Curator of Lepidoptera and Biodiversity Florida Museum of Natural History 2012 Awardee Keith Willmott’s research focuses on the...
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David Wright, Ph.D.

David Wright, Ph.D. Professor of Agronomy Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 2012 Awardee David Wright’s research accomplishments include development of an...
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