Stephen W. Smith, Ph.D.

Stephen W. Smith, Ph.D. Professor of Special Education College of Education 2007 Awardee Special education Professor Stephen Smith seeks to improve education...
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David Steadman, Ph.D.

David Steadman, Ph.D. Associate Curator of Orinthology Florida Museum of Natural History 2000 Awardee David Steadman’s research on the biogeography of birds...
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Joyce Stechmiller, Ph.D.

Joyce Stechmiller, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Nursing College of Nursing 2005 Awardee There are more than 3 million adults with pressure ulcers...
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Stanley Su, Ph.D.

Stanley Su, Ph.D. Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering College of Engineering 2000 Awardee Stanley Su is an internationally known...
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Charles M. Telesco, Ph.D.

Charles M. Telesco, Ph.D. Professor of Astronomy College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 2000 Awardee Charles M. Telesco’s internationally recognized work with...
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